Upcoming Retreats TO BE ANNOUNCED

Weekly yoga classes and massage are available in a variety of options to suit all levels. Our focus is on providing a personalised experience with the flexibility to suit your needs. Come and join us for a flowing vinyasa class, a gentle restorative, challenge yourself to SUP Yoga on the water, Pre-natal yoga for those beautiful mummies to be or unwind with a relaxing swedish massage. Weekend retreats will also be offered. Classes will be held in a beautifully handcrafted Yurt and from the moment you arrive you will feel totally relaxed!

All props are supplied.

Toni found her way to yoga after a career in Legal Administration. After extensive travelling in search of a new beginning she found her calling to be for yoga! Gaining her accreditation in Vinyasa flow in Hawaii in 2013 she then returned to Perth and started her business Sarve Yoga. Furthering her training in pre natal yoga, swedish massage and reiki she has now moved to Augusta with her beautiful family to build and bring you Boogaloo Surf and Yoga.

What is Yoga?

The word Yoga means “union” and is derived from an ancient indian philosophy which has been practiced for more than 2500 years. Yoga consists of breathing techniques, meditation and physical postures which help bring the body into balance with the ultimate goal being union of body and mind.

benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga are endless and if practiced regularly can bring the body into optimal balance. Some of these benefits include:

Muscle strengthening and toning

Improved balance and coordination

Increased circulation and healthy digestion

Increased functioning of the body systems including the nervous system

Deeper focus and concentration which encourages clarity and stillness of the mind

Detoxifying and Increased flexibility

Helps ease aches and pains and improves joint health

Stress relief and relaxation

Promotes better sleep and general well being!

Cost $15pp

Saturday mornings 8am - Vinyasa flow (All levels)‍‍‍

Monday evening 5.30pm - Beginners foundations (starting 12th February)


Here at Boogaloo we offer Swedish Massage sessions to help relax and relieve tension in the muscles and body.

$70 p/h‍‍‍



Toni English/Yoga instructor