Using locally grown sustainable woods a relationship rooted in history and connected to a region is made.

It will be the best investment in surfing you will ever make.

You will never need to buy another board again.

Using environmentally friendly methods and materials you can shape a high performance board which is built to last and with no negative impact on the ocean.

  • Flexible workshops can be tailored to suit your timing needs and budget.
  • Choose your method Hollow, Hemp Core or Recycled Foam Blank.

Wooden Surfboard Shaping

Building your own wooden surfboard re-introduces an aesthetic long which has been missing from surfing

Skateboard shaping workshop

Surfboard kit to build at home



3 day shaping course, up to 8 feet


/per board

1/2 day

SurfBoard workshop dates

15-17 Nov 2019

10-12 Jan 2020

Skateboard workshops are available any day during the following dates:

1 Nov - 15 Nov

19 Dec - 10 Jan